Why us?


For more than 50 years, GALVANIN has been dedicated to creating innovative solutions and constantly researching for new automation technology in the textile industry. Our unique track record of innovation and passion for excellence sets us apart as the world’s leader in dye house automation.

Our mission is to meet all customer’s demands and expectations, supplying high quality and high efficiency machines, always directing our attention to energy and labour saving. We strongly rely on our employees, from workshop workers to office engineers, to create a highly professional team that delivers excellent products and services.

About Us

GALVANIN offers a wide range of products for textile dye house. With continuous research and development, we deliver state of the art technology to maximize your company's performance. Our company specializes in cost saving utilizing automation technology. We always directs our care and attention to our customers with completely customized projects and we strive to be the best in order to provide the highest quality of service.

Our Products